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Nancy Saxon

Account Manager

ISB Insurance

31384 FM 2920 Rd Ste B
Waller, TX 77484

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A descendent of early Texas settlers, Nancy was born and raised in Austin, TX and attended the University of Texas at Austin.  Nancy ended up in insurance by a fluke.  In the early 70’s, she was sent by a friend to “talk” to the personnel director at Republic-Vanguard Insurance in Dallas to see if he knew of any job openings.  Before she knew it, she was starting work as a file clerk and this was the first step in her insurance career. Nancy previously worked for 3 or 4 agencies/brokers in the Houston area before coming to ISB Insurance in 2007. Fluke or not, she truly loves the insurance business!

Out of the office, her pride and joy are her daughter and son-in-law. She is active in her church and enjoys socializing with close friends. Nancy is a voracious reader, loves to cook, and with two spoiled cats ruling the roost at home, she’s been told she’s one cat away from being a crazy cat lady!
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